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Fire Safety in Buildings

Fire safety in buildings doesn’t just depend on good design and the proper execution of this design during the building’s construction phase.

The entry into force of the Legal Framework for Fire Safety in Buildings (RJSCIE) has filled an important gap with regard to fire safety in buildings: ensuring that the safety conditions defined in the project are maintained throughout the life of the building.

This objective is achieved through the implementation of so-called Self-Protection Measures.

Medidas de Autoproteção

Self-Protection Measures

MAPs consist of safety organization and management procedures and have two main purposes: to ensure that the safety conditions defined in the project are maintained and to guarantee a minimum emergency response structure.

MAPs are also intended to ensure that fire safety equipment and systems are permanently operable and that, in the event of an emergency, occupants leave the building safely.

A MAP dossier must include:

– Safety records;

– Prevention procedures;

– Internal Emergency Plan;

– Emergency procedures;

– Training courses in fire safety in buildings;

– Simulacra;

All buildings and premises must be equipped with MAPs. However, for residential buildings (common parts) in the 1st and 2nd risk categories there are no specific mandatory measures (
article 198 of Ministerial Order no. 1532/2008
), being the responsibility of the entity’s management.

When managing an organization, safety must always come first. For this reason, although Fire Safety in Buildings (fire safety in buildings – SCIE) concerns everyone in the building, it must be the responsibility of the entities depending on their type of use:

  • The owner;
  • The entity responsible for operating the building or premises;
  • Management entitiesif the buildings or premises have common or shared spaces or collective services (their responsibility being limited to these).

If you have a role or responsibility that falls into one of the 3 cases mentioned, you should check the MAPs of the spaces you are responsible for.
If irregularities are detected through omission or any non-compliance, the fines range from €180.00 to €44,000.00.

MAPs should be delivered to
District Operations and Relief Center (CDOS-ANPC)

  • In the case of new construction, alteration, extension or change of use works, these must be submitted no later than 30 days before the space is put into use (
    article 34 of the RJ-SCIE
  • In the case of existing buildings and enclosures, implementation must be immediate, given that the legal deadline set for this expired on January 1, 2010.

The application form for submitting MAPs can be found on the


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